About This

Always searching for the perfect rescue…

{which means I find trash on the side of the road

and make it my treasure}

Always wanting to change things up a bit….

{re-arranging every room in my house,  or my clothes,

at least once a year}

Always excited for something different…..

{painting a different color, or getting a new favorite ice cream flavor}

Always taking the road less traveled….

{Murphy meets me at every door}

Always purposeful,

{eh, em, trying for always…but striving for intentionality in everything.}

Always finding God at the center of all I do.

{He’s there.  He is}

Never a dull moment.

{I am a pro at relieving boredom}



If you want to READ more of my writing and thoughts on God, life, family, fun, and other stuff,

I’m also here:



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