What I want for Valentines Day

I do have a list.  But, I am not in the mood to receive anything this time.

I have another blog that I use for more ”writing” than this one of fun pics, stuff, and projects I do.

If you want to be a part of something that gives back, helps empower people, and makes a difference…

then go here: http://chrissynoelle.blogspot.com/

Join the Adventure!


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To the moon…

My intentional astronomy lesson every day:



I just love this site.  There is a new image every day I can share with my kids.  An Astronomer gives descriptions and locations and info on the picture.

{God’s creation afar…. up close and personal. love}

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All In A Day

All in a day.

Fresh eggs from a friends chickens.

I can now say, sam i am, that i ate green eggs and…well, bacon.

That’s ham,right?

{blue, green and brown}


….and a little photo happy….


Since strawberries are in full force here,

nothing better than

a little chocolate covered bliss for my kids…

{and some heaven for me as well}

The first signs of orange pickin’ going on as well.

I just love seeing these big rigs full of orange goodness.


Nothing like a mid-day iced coffee break…

{big glass, I know}

All these wonderful God given yummy gifts ,

makes my heart happy.


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What I Finished Reading

This 3 book series by Suzanne Collins was so rad,

that I got my (non)  “Fiction” reading husband to read it!

Yes, the Hunk in all his manliness, put down the Holy Scriptures, his management self-help manuals, his historical non-fiction to read this amazing,  adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat action book series.

See, I got him hooked, even while we went to the beach to kayak, he had to read! (muhaaaaaaaa)

Yes, pushing pause on this book for 2 weeks now,  getting him totally frustrated.

I love it!

I am a firm believer in getting outside your reality once in awhile and escape into the make-believe world of literary fiction.

Nothing revives my mind  better.

I suggest you read these.  The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Mockingjay


My 12 year old was just old enough, since it is a book about human suffering.

But, she couldn’t stop for 2 weeks over Christmas break to finish all 3.

Now, onto this:


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What I am listening to:

The Shins- Sea Legs. *love*

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